Terms & Conditions


Section 1: Care & attention of our building

  1. Please do not let strangers or uninvited guests into the building. The organiser should be the first to arrive and the last to leave, ensuring that the building and the roadside entry gateway’s padlock are locked.
  2. We are happy to allow 30 mins set up time prior to the start and 30 mins clear-up time at the end of your booking, unless another group is coming in, in which case this will be reduced to 15 mins each way. RPUC will notify you via email of this if necessary.
  3. Do not share the Security Key Box number with anyone and do not leave the code exposed on the key box when taking or leaving the key.
  4. If you are a regular group, we will issue you with a number of key sets. The named person(s) will be responsible for them and their eventual safe return. If the organiser(s) change then the Lettings secretary must be informed immediately with new contact details. A registered keyholder must be on the premises at all times during your booking. A deposit of £25 will be taken for each set of keys, which is refundable upon their safe return.
  5. Please leave the building as you found it. This will include: putting everything back where you found it in a clean and working condition, ensuring that the space is clean and tidy.
  6. All waste/rubbish must be removed after your letting. You are responsible for its removal and responsible disposal.
  7. The hirer will be liable for any damage caused to the building, fixtures and fittings. In the event that something is damaged or not working please advise the Lettings Secretary or Minister as soon as possible.Tenants are advised that the Church’s Public Liability Insurance does not cover accidents or damage caused as a result of the tenant’s activity or equipment. It is recommended that tenants arrange their own insurance to cover their liability in such cases.
  8. Smoking is not permitted in the building. If you smoke outside of the building please do not throw cigarette ends on the ground, but use a suitable receptacle and remove them from the premises when you leave. (Cigarette ends placed in our own bins create odours for other users.)
  9. Chewing gum is not permitted in the building (due to the damage caused to the floor by previous guests putting it on the floor). Any cleaning required to remove chewing gum will be charged to the group.
  10. Use of any large play equipment for parties only by approval of the Church. Ball games of any kind are not permitted in the Church.
  11. If you are planning on using candles or incense please do not leave them unattended or use containers not fit for that purpose. All must be extinguished on leaving the premises and disposed of appropriately.
  12. No alcohol can be sold on the premises, but alcohol may be served.
  13. Party and celebration events are subject to a 3 hour minimum rental.
  14. Remember at all times, this is a religious building and the members and congregation of the church would welcome you treating it with respect.

Section 2: Care & attention of your group / guests

  1. The Organiser will be required to familiarise themselves with the fire exits prior to group / guests arriving. It is then their responsibility to ensure all of their group / guest know the exit route in case of an emergency.
  2. Please make sure your group / guests know there is NO PARKING at the premises prior to their arrival. There are metered spaces on Hill Rise and local car parks – see map below. The organizer will be held responsible for ensuring that their guests do not park on Church property. We will require you to pay a £100 deposit at the time of your booking, which will be forfeited in full if we receive reports that you have not complied with our parking rules. It is possible for the organizer only to drop anything off and to park their car in the rear car park (through the metal gate), but under no circumstances should their car be parked in front of the church or in the bays at the side, as these are privately rented.
  3. RPUC takes no responsibility for the loss of any personal possessions or equipment brought into the church. You and your group / guests use the church at your own risk. Please consider taking out your own insurance for your activity / gathering. A first aid box can be located in the kitchen and all accidents should be reported to the Lettings Secretary or Minister as soon as possible.
  4. The church does not provide storage facilities unless otherwise agreed.

Section 3: Care & attention of others

  1. Please do not arrive earlier than your start time and please finish at the time agreed.
  2. Only use the room and facilities that you have booked.
  3. Ensure that your group members and guests know the fire doors, smoking, gum and parking stipulations.
  4. Please leave the room as you found it to ensure the next group finds it ready for them.
  5. Keep noise to a minimum as other groups / guests maybe using another part of the church. We are also located in a quiet residential road and we would appreciate everyone being respectful.
  6. Permission is required to use the garden at the rear of the church.
  7. We make our lettings in the understanding that, where relevant, groups have a child protection policy and are adhering to it. Children must be supervised at all times and not allowed to enter the kitchen area. All play equipment in the Ormond Room belongs to the Rainbow Nursery and therefore must not be touched.
  8. The building must be vacated quietly and no later than 10pm as this is a residential area.
  9. We reserve the right to charge a 50% cancellation fee of the original charge if given up to 14 days notice. This will increase to 75% between 13 and 3 days notice and will be 100% of the original charge if less than 3 days notice.
  10. RPUC fully supports all legislation on Equal Opportunities, Racial, Sexual and Religious Discrimination. We only hire our facilities to groups / individuals that promote understanding, tolerance and love.

Payment of the total fee is required to finalise and secure your booking.
Thank you from all at RPUC.